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Professional Political Services

Welcome to the premier political consulting firm dedicated to helping candidates and campaigns achieve their goals. Our team of experienced professionals offers a wide range of services to support your campaign.


Calatrava Strategies, led by Bob Sutton and Celeste Ellich, is a team of trusted professionals able to provide everything a candidate needs to win an election.  Composed of experts in areas such as campaign management, event planning, platform and messaging, digital strategy, Calatrava Strategies is the one-stop-shop for political campaigns. 

Bob Sutton and Celeste Ellich are the dynamic duo that have been instrumental in shaping the political landscape for over a decade. Each have over 20 years of experience working with well-known candidates and politicians. 


Known for their vast network of political connections and insider information, Bob and Celeste stay ahead of the political curve and provide their clients with a competitive edge.

  • Campaign Management

  • Candidate Training

  • Fundraising

  • Event Planning

  • Platform & Messaging

  • Printed materials

  • Media Production

  • Campaign Websites


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