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Border Security Concerns Raised After Iranians Apprehended at US Border

Recent apprehensions of Iranian nationals attempting to illegally enter the United States have raised flags among border security officials. According to FOX News reporter Griff Jenkins, US Customs and Border Protection agents apprehended four Iranian nationals in the past month who were labeled "special interest aliens."

The most recent case occurred this past Sunday, when a single Iranian male was captured at the southern border. Just last week, three other men from Egypt and Lebanon were also detained while attempting to cross into the US illegally.

These incidents highlight the ongoing security vulnerabilities at America's southern border under the Biden administration. While border patrol agents were fortunately able to intercept these individuals, their ability to detect and capture potential terrorist threats is severely hampered by the sheer volume of illegal crossings.

Government data indicates there have been over 1.5 million illegal alien "got-aways" who entered the US undetected during President Biden's time in office. These are individuals who were not apprehended at the border and intentionally evaded law enforcement. This massive number of untracked border crossings provides easy cover for those wishing harm upon America to slip through.

The southern border situation raises alarm when considering the origin countries of those recently captured. Iran is designated as a state sponsor of terrorism by the US State Department. The radical regime in Tehran is actively hostile toward Western nations and has been linked to numerous terror attacks around the world. The fact that Iranian citizens have been attempting to enter the US illegally should prompt serious evaluation of current border security procedures.

While the motives of these specific individuals remain unknown, their successful border crossing would have allowed them easy access to conduct surveillance, coordinate with sleeper agents, or even directly participate in a terrorist attack. These real dangers demonstrate the critical need for robust border enforcement as a frontline defense against terrorism.

The Biden administration maintains the border is closed, but the evidence proves otherwise. Lax policies have created an environment where illegal crossings have skyrocketed. The southern border has become a gateway for potentially nefarious foreign actors to infiltrate our homeland. These developments demand substantive changes to border security before a tragedy occurs that could have been prevented.

The apprehension of “special interest” Iranian nationals at the uncontrolled southern border raises red flags about the scope of the threat posed by current border vulnerabilities. America’s safety depends on officials taking immediate action to regain operational control of the border and prevent the free flow of illegal entry. The risks are too high to ignore this clear and present danger to national security.


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