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Congratulations to Catalina Avalos and Kevin Tynan

A momentous occasion in Florida's judiciary unfolded as Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Catalina Avalos and Kevin Tynan to the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court. This auspicious announcement was made on October 27, 2023, marking a significant stride in replenishing the judicial bench with esteemed and experienced legal minds.

Catalina Avalos, hailing from Pembroke Pines, is no stranger to the courtroom, having served as a County Court Judge for Broward County since 2022. Her legal acumen was honed over years of diligent practice, including her tenure as a Director at Tripp Scott P.A. Avalos's educational foundation is

solid, with a bachelor's degree from Florida International University under her belt, showcasing a blend of academic excellence and practical expertise. Her appointment comes as a welcome addition to the Seventeenth Circuit, filling the void left by the resignation of a previous judge.

On the other hand, Kevin Tynan, also from Pembroke Pines, has been a stalwart in the legal community as a Partner of Richardson & Tynan PLC since 2001. His legal journey, enriched by his association with Entin, Margules & Della Fera P.A., has been a testament to his enduring commitment to justice. Tynan, an alumnus of Barry University and Nova Southeastern University, where he earned his juris doctor, steps into a pivotal role, filling a judicial vacancy created by the resignation of Judge Scherer, thereby continuing the tradition of legal excellence in the Broward Circuit.

The appointments of Avalos and Tynan reflect a thoughtful endeavor by Governor DeSantis to ensure a robust judiciary, capable of upholding the rule of law and serving the citizens of Broward County with integrity and distinction. The Seventeenth Circuit Court, enriched by the fresh perspectives and seasoned judgement of Avalos and Tynan, stands fortified in its mission to dispense justice fairly and efficiently.

The local legal community and broader populace extend their hearty congratulations to the newly appointed judges, who are undoubtedly poised to make significant contributions to the judiciary and uphold the venerable tradition of justice in Florida.


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